Doll Height: 62 in / 158 cm
Cup: DVagina: 6.9 in/17.5cmFoot: 8.2in/21cm
Bust: 31 in/80cmOral: 4.7 in/12cmLeg: 29 in/75cm
Waist: 20.4 in/52cmAnal: 6.3 in/16cmArm: 26 in/67cm
Hips: 32 in/82cmWeight: 72.7 lbs/33kgShoulder: 15 in/38cm
Underbust: 27 in/68.5cmTPE with a Metal Skeleton

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With Full Breast Human Sex Doll 158cm – Ellen


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After having sex with a silicone sex doll, make sure you have been outdoors ina pleasant and dignified manner everywhere. What’s more, store some where dry before using the future. If you wash your face, at the same time take steps to cope with the eyelids while using hot water.

It’s very special that you climb your silicone sex doll into the bath. However, you can also complete the bath.
Try to be very stylish and treat as a baby. Brush the hair of your doll of silicon every day. This will put a hair tangle free and smooth.

Also, you can take a better position in the middle of the sexuality as a legitimate, clean and clear condition. Make sure you are pure doll language correctly; This is an opportunity, which can get a better effect and will certainly make matters later. Taking a glance to avoiding and distributing areas made of silicone sex doll such as face, vagina and flowers, these are fragile and should be treated properly. This was how to deal with your silicone sex doll.

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