In the words of the power puff girls ‘Love makes the world go around’. Human beings are social beings by nature. Our social nature therefore causes us to seek love from near, far and unlikely sources.

Sailors in the sixteenth century were often faced with loneliness during their long voyages around the world in search of adventure or for business purposes. This need for love and companionship saw them create companions out of different fabrics. These companions, that would later come to be referred to as love dolls or Dutch wives, were some of the pioneers of present day love dolls.
Today, the term love doll is used interchangeably with the term sex doll. Love doll is the umbrella term used for the different types of sex dolls available to a wide array of users around the world. These are ideally a type of sex toy that help to enhance the sexual experience of their users from that of using pocket vaginas or dildos.

The creation of love dolls in the past has almost purely been for sexual exploration purposes in the past. However, as time goes by and the concept of love changes with it, these dolls are slowly being accepted within society as more than sex toys.
People have been known to purchase love dolls for purposes of emotional comfort and companionship that has led to actual love. Some have even gone to the extent of marrying their dolls. Married couples have also been known to purchase love dolls to spice up their marriage while upholding the virtues of fidelity and trust within the union.

Love dolls have undergone a number of transitions along the way. Initially, they were made primarily of different types of fabrics. These proved to be bulky and difficult to clean. Then came the age of rubber and inflatable love dolls. The latter are still preferred by some to date due to their portability and ease of use.

Today, most love dolls are made out of silicone or thermoplastic rubbers (TPE) and have metallic skeletons that allow them to maintain their shape. Their features are made to be more and more realistic enhancing the experience of their users. Artificial intelligence has made it possible for the addition of features such as speech, data retention (a memory of sorts) and haptic responses to touch. Love dolls today also allow for oral, vaginal as well as anal stimulations.

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