Sex dolls are made from different materials. One of the most common materials used to make sex dolls is silicone. Silicone is a plastic made by combining a silicone polymer, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.

Sizes of silicone sex dolls

•Mini silicone sex dolls. These are small sex toys mainly featuring only a vagina or a penis. The dolls are around 100-125cm, and do not weigh more than 16 kgs. These are the most portable and easy to store sex dolls.

•Medium sized. These are more realistic than small sex toys and most of them come with interchangeable parts.

•Life size sex dolls. Weighing about 35 kgs, these sex dolls offer tons of features and excellent quality. These sex dolls come in full body and are about 158cm.

Although each silicone sex doll has different features, here are other factors apart from size that will help you make the right choice when buying one:

•The use of the sex doll. Silicone sex dolls offer services such as vaginal and penis sex, anal sex, oral sex and shower sex. Evaluate your need to know the right silicone doll to acquire.

•Cost. You should evaluate your finances since silicone sex dolls come in a wide variety of prices.

•Maintenance requirements. Different sex dolls require different maintenance services such as cleaning and sterilizing. Choose a sex doll that will not overwhelm you to maintain.

•Durability. You should choose more realistic and durable silicone dolls for maximum benefits.

Advantages of our silicone sex dolls

•They are less insensitive to heat hence are able to maintain their shape even in hotter environments like in the shower.

•They have a high heat retention enabling pre-warming before sex.

•They have a porous texture making them feel smooth like normal skin.

•They are resistant to dyes and stains hence can be dressed with dyed clothes.

With the different sizes, heights and colors that silicone sex dolls come with, it is very easy to find one that matches your needs. Due to the flexibility that silicone dolls offer, you can customize these sex dolls to fit to your needs.