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Welcome to SexDollDirect. What are you in the mood for? We guarantee you that you will find a sex doll to suit your needs. We have a number of dolls varying in age size, shape and sex. You are more likely to be spoilt for choice at our online doll store than on any other site. Our dolls are designed to be as realistic as possible. Their movements are almost life and their physic is also built to mimic that of any human being. We offer you the best quality Silicone sex dolls at extremely competitive and affordable prices. Our aim is to ensure that every single part of you gets to experiences the wonders of our silicone sex dolls. The thrill and excitement you will get from our sex dolls will have you curious and leave you wanting for more. 
What are the key features to our product? Our dolls are the best quality silicone sex dolls in the market. They have realistic movements with their bodies bobbing and jiggling in response to your every movement. You truly will not know the difference between our life sized dolls and any other person out there. They have a metal skeleton that supports and holds into place their bodies. This metal framework also allows them to be extremely flexible. Those tight spaces you have always wanted to work into your sexual escapades but never really met someone flexible enough or daring enough to try them with are now a thing of past. Their skin is designed and formulated to be as realistic to the touch as possible. It is smooth, soft and free of any blemishes making the perfect dolls. Our dolls came in different shapes and sizes. You can get curvaceous dolls as well as more petite ones. If you fancy a doll with a super big burst, a big enough bust, moderate or small bust, we have you covered. You can get dolls of different heights as well. There really is no limit to type of sex dolls we have in stock. Better still, they come in different sexes so that no one is left out of the equation. Who buys our products? We have clients from all corners of the world, from all walks of life, all races and creeds all with very different reasons for purchasing our sex dolls. Long gone is the notion that sex dolls are a reserve for the downcast, socially awkward and perverts in the society. The notion of using our products is fast growing and gaining acceptance in different communities. You have sex dolls being used for sexual exploits by single people who are looking for a thrilling sexual adventure without the emotional attachment and the guilt that often results from a one night stand; people looking to broaden their horizons in the bedroom without facing judgment or being relegated to the social outcast club by other members of their society or even their family. Married couples or couples with long standing relationships can derive a great deal of satisfaction from our products. When things in the bedroom get a bit dull which they most certainly do with time, couples need to find ways to reignite the fire and passion between them or risk infidelity from one spouse or both as they seek sexual satisfaction. Sex dolls are proving to be an effective way of doing so. They can include a sex doll in their sexual exploits; be it a threesome or any other wild adventure they embark on; to mix things up a little. Our silicone sex dolls offer you the benefits of unleashing your kinky side all the while maintaining whatever picture you have painted of yourself in the eyes of society. After all who are the dolls going to tell anyway? Some of our clients have purchased the dolls purely for companionship’s sake. They find them to be exceptionally good listeners as they do not interrupt, talk back, bear any judgment or grudges. The comforting notion that someone else is in the room with you and you do not have to be alone is the key motivation for such clients. They also provide some level of security especially for our female clients living alone. The illusion of having more than one person in the house or in the car can be a deterrent for someone looking to rob or attack you. Why SexDollDirect? The answer is quite simple actually; it doesn’t get any better than us. We offer you variety like no one else. With us you are assured of finding something that caters for your needs throughout the year. Our customer service team is dedicated around the clock to answer any of your questions and deal with any issues that may arise with our products. The great thing about us is that we deliver. We offer shipping services to one hundred and eighty countries around the world. So don’t worry, wherever you are we shall definitely get to you. We have three delivery services that you can choose from; door to door services applicable to local orders, pick up deliveries where orders are shipped to the nearest depot and you pick them up from that point or our priority shipping option that will see your package delivered to you in three to five working days from the day you place your order and complete necessary payments. For any orders above two hundred US dollars you receive absolutely free shipping of your package. And you do not have to worry about timelines; we guarantee the delivery of your orders in the stipulated time. Did we mention how affordable we are? You do not have to sell an arm and a foot just to own one of our dolls. With us the safety of your shopping details is guaranteed. Enough about us feel free to explore our site and find out the wonders that await you. Happy shopping everyone and do remember to tell a friend to tell a friend!