Are you a man, and every time you pursue a girl of your dreams, you end up being disappointed? Most probably, you do. If you have experienced such, then you should consider owning a Japanese sex doll. With this doll, you do not have to hold a meeting to have it just like you would do to women. The only thing you need to do is just order and boom! You have your girl dropped at your door.

Japanese sex dolls are made of silicone or tpe and can be confused with real women, and even those who have bought these dolls claims that they never want to come close to real women. These dolls come with authentic eyes, and their skin feels so real to touch just like the skin of any woman. In most cases when you order your sex doll, you can give your specification so that it comes with the exact burst size, the color of hair that you like

The market name for these Japanese sex doll is Dutch wives, which refers to a Japanese name for sex dolls. You do not have to be embarrassed to buy them clothes since they come with their clothes once they are purchased.

Its features include: Medical silicone, and it is soft to touch and with a feeling almost like a real woman; It can pose in any position just like a real woman; They come with three holes which are; anal, vaginal and mouth to satisfy your sexual pleasures.

How to clean and maintain the Japanese sex doll: 1/ When cleaning the Japanese sex doll, you should first separate the head from the body. Clean it every time after you have used it. 2/ Always keep the head away from water. Clean the skin using bath powder. after it is clean it with a towel, and apply baby powder. 3/Always use shampoo to clean the head and allow it to dry naturally. Never use a hairdryer to dry the hair. Always take great care of it to avoid dropping or breaking