Manufactured by Shenzhen Commtech located in Shenzhen China, the HR Sex Doll brand is one that fully strives for realism in every single one of their features. It’s right there in the name: HR standing in for Hyper Realistic. And their commitment to this quality can be seen in every aspect of their production process. This is achieved due to their combination of various cutting-edge technologies involved in the creation of their HR Sex Doll line-up. With a robust inner-frame that imitates human movements as closely and possible and through advanced molding techniques Shenzhen brings their customers the most realistic sex dolls that can be found in the market.

And logically their features go way beyond the general quality of the product. When it comes to a HR Sex Doll you can look forward to many more additional features like:

Liquid-proof love holes that allow the user to enjoy their doll in any way without worrying about damage.A super articulated body that allows the recreation of any pose the user might be interested in.Customizable orders which allow each client to choose the appearance of their doll. Be it based on a picture or their personal description of their desired look.Hyper realistic eyes and hair, which bring a whole new level of accuracy to the sex doll market.

If something defines the HR Sex Doll line-up then that undoubtedly is it’s high quality in every single aspect of production and manufacturing. HR Sex Dolls are some of the most advanced and realistic in the market, making sure to live up to their name of Hyper Realistic. And the high level of quality control and dedication present in Shenzhen Commtech allows them to bring their HR Sex Doll brand to the top of the market. So don’t think twice and order a doll that fits all of your needs now.