Doll Height: 65 in / 165 cm
Cup: DVagina: 6.9 in/17.5cmFoot: 9 in/23cm
Bust: 34.6 in/88cmOral: 4.7 in/12cmLeg: 33 in/85cm
Waist: 22.8 in/58cmAnal: 6.3 in/16cmArm: 26 in/67cm
Hips: 33.8 in/86cmWeight: 88 lbs/40kgShoulder: 15 in/38cm
Underbust: 25.9 in/66cmTPE with a Metal Skeleton

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With Charming Eyes Real Life Sex Doll 165cm – Kiki


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Nicknamed the “Rolls Royce of Adult Dolls” by Vanity Fair magazine, the sex doll is the ultimate accessory to satisfy all the fantasies of a man and / or a woman. The doll for adults is indeed very different from other sex toys because it gives really real sensations. There are many reasons for buying an adult doll, probably beyond belief. This is why this market is evolving more and more and in constant growth.

Our shop is not only a silicone doll sales site, it is the official distributor for the word of the high-end sex doll products . And its fame does not stop only to the French territories, it goes much further. Indeed, on the scale of realism, these luxury dolls are so high that many American directors have decided to get some for their scenes.

Customers have the opportunity to choose the body, choose the face, choose the skin color, choose makeup and other points. Each doll is hand-crafted to suit the taste of the user. She becomes a unique character. Created with precision from the small to the biggest detail. Sex doll products are considered works of art.

The first thing we notice about these dolls is that they are really beautiful to watch. In addition, they are also very pleasant to touch. The high-end materials used in its design are designed to provide pleasure of the eyes and a pleasure of the senses. His touch is soft and mellow, his touch is close to human contact. For all these reasons, they are even considered to be the most realistic in the world.

These dolls are endowed with true grace and beauty. They are not toys. Nor are they mere sex toys. Having a true frame and a texture in true platinum silicone, the user will easily find the same sensations as with a real woman (sometimes, the feeling is even better). It is not uncommon for the doll to be an integral part of the everyday life of its owner. It is an endearing character, delicate, inspiring delicacy and affection.

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