Doll Height: 49 in / 125 cm
Cup: CVagina: 6.9 in/17.5cmFoot: 6.9 in/17.5cm
Bust: 28.3 in/72cmOral: 4.7 in/12cmLeg: 23.6 in/60cm
Waist: 17.7 in/45cmAnal: 6.3 in/16cmArm: 22 in/56cm
Hips: 30.3 in/77cmWeight: 21 lbs/46.2kgShoulder: 12.2 in/31cm
Underbust: 18.8 in/48cmTPE with a Metal Skeleton

Pay 30% Deposit and remaining after checking proof photos

Small Realistic Life Size Dolls With C Cup 125cm – Shadow


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Real sex doll manufacturers have continued to improve the looks and various aspects of these dolls to make them more realistic. Silicone sex dolls are easy to clean and are better looking.

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