Doll Height: 4 ft 7 in / 140 cm
Cup:  DVagina:  6.9 in/17.5cmWaistline:  7.8in/22cm
Bust:  28.5 in/72cmOral:  4.7 in/12cmLeg:  33.9 in/86cm
Waist:  21.3 in/54cmAnal:  6.1 in/15.5cmArm:  26 in/66cm
Hips:  29.1 in/74cmWeight:  50.7 lbs/23kgShoulder:  13.8 in/35cm
Underbust: 22.4 in/57cmTPE with a Metal Skeleton

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Tan Skin Adult Sex Doll with Cup D and 140cm – Mya


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Japan is a cultural country with a people that are very proud of their culture and heritage. They are known to maintain a strict code of honor and self discipline as well as for being innovators and visionaries when it comes to matters technology. That is where Mya comes from. She is a cultured girl and a smart one too. Always conscious to do right by anyone and everyone she meets. She lives by a strict code, that her life is her own to do with as she pleases and not to conform to society nor to bow down to its pressures. She is a rebel this one and her personalities are often very conflicting. One thing is for sure though, once you earn her trust a world of adventure into her world is sure to follow and it is an interesting place.
She is a petite girl; not because of her height but her girth. She has small breasts that are not any less playful than their larger counterparts. In fact, she prefers them as they are; small and easy to cup in just one hand (and you don’t even have to have ridiculously large hands to do so). Enclose your mouth around her breasts, taking her nipples in between your teeth and gently suck on and tag at them. The rest of her body gives of a sweet response with her back arching slightly forward pressing the rest of her against you. Her skin is so realistic, thanks to the silicone material it is made out of, you will have trouble feeling the difference between hers and yours. Her body features are well supported by a metallic skeleton to allow her body maintain its form for a very, very long time no matter the adventures you get up to. So are we feeling adventurous yet?

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