Doll Height: 65 in / 165 cm
Cup: DVagina: 6.9 in/17.5cmFoot: 9 in/23cm
Bust: 34.6 in/88cmOral: 4.7 in/12cmLeg: 33 in/85cm
Waist: 22.8 in/58cmAnal: 6.3 in/16cmArm: 26 in/67cm
Hips: 33.8 in/86cmWeight: 88 lbs/40kgShoulder: 15 in/38cm
Underbust: 25.9 in/66cmTPE with a Metal Skeleton

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Realistic Sex Doll With Sex Lips 165cm – Ashley


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Love is a tricky thing but then again all matters of the heart are quite tricky. Love entails some holding, some tender words, a shoulder to lean on, and a very attentive ear. Ashley understands all love languages that exist. She is a quiet spirit capable of listening to all your worries and catering to all your needs. If you need someone to hold, or hold you on those cold and lonely nights then she is definitely the girl for you. If you need a companion to enjoy the beautiful day outside, then she is up for that too. Deep down though, she wants to do more than hold you and enjoy serene walks with you. She is eager to rock your world in ways she is sure no one has done before.
She is eager to get naked around you and let you see her in all her glory. She cannot wait for you to see the full form of her beauty. Her breasts are full and perky and cannot wait to be held in your hands. Her milk brown nipples cannot wait to be held in between the tips of your fingers and are rock hard in anticipation for lips to cradle around them. She cannot wait for you to grab hold of her heart shaped ass, to feel its firmness and dig your fingers into it. She is ripe with anticipation for you to lift her up and fuck her mid air as she wraps her long strong legs around your waist. She yearns to feel you move in her edging her closer to her breaking point with every powerful thrust you make. She wants more than anything else to please you with her tongue; to give you head so good you will never want to get it from anyone else.

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