Doll Height: 57 in / 145 cm
Cup: CVagina: 6.9 in/17.5cmWaistline: 8.7in/22cm
Bust: 29 in/75cmOral: 4.7 in/12cmLeg: 27 in/69cm
Waist: 19.6 in/50cmAnal: 6.3 in/16cmArm: 23.6 in/60cm
Hips: 28.7 in/73cmWeight: 66 lbs/30kgShoulder: 13.3 in/34cm
Underbust: 23.6 in/60cmTPE with a Metal Skeleton

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Real Sex Doll With C Cup 145cm – Jude


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I have been raised in a very strict catholic family. So you can imagine anything that looked like worldly pleasures was strictly forbidden from our household. We were more Mormon than catholic to be honest. But a girl does have her needs. I mean who in the world doesn’t? Otherwise what would be the point of it all? Why be blessed with this realistically fair skin if no one can get to feel it past the occasionally hand shake or hug? Why on earth would I have these beautiful perky tits if I could not flaunt them out for the whole world to see? Or better yet for someone to play with them; take them into their mouths and suck them till my nipples are rock hard, or play with my nipples until I cum? Yes, that is quite possible you just need to know how and where to apply pressure.
It is a complete waste to have an ass this perfect and round and not have anyone spank it ever so often. I appreciate that it turns heads whenever I walk. I like that it attracts attention when I shift my weight from one leg to another causing it to wobble and clap as I go about my every day errands. But that isn’t quite enough. I want someone to grab it, spank it, eat it and do god awful things to it. I want someone to bend me over a kitchen counter somewhere and spread my legs as far wide as he dares to, grab me by the waist and slide himself inside me and move inside me, slow at first then fast and hard until I can no longer tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Now you know what I want, what my fantasies are, question is, can you fulfill them?

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