Doll Height: 62 in / 158 cm
Cup: DVagina: 6.9 in/17.5cmFoot: 8.2in/21cm
Bust: 31 in/80cmOral: 4.7 in/12cmLeg: 29 in/75cm
Waist: 20.4 in/52cmAnal: 6.3 in/16cmArm: 26 in/67cm
Hips: 32 in/82cmWeight: 72.7 lbs/33kgShoulder: 15 in/38cm
Underbust: 27 in/68.5cmTPE with a Metal Skeleton

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Life Size Sex Dolls With 3 Holes 158cm – Katrina


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Katrina is a lovely girl but is quite shy, the tough persona she puts on should not fool you. At first glance, you would think she is a snobbish girl who looks down on everyone else around her. This is not the case, actually this couldn’t be further away from the truth. She is a sweet girl who is warm towards everyone and anyone with the patience to get to know her. She is very observant too. She can tell when you are happy, sad, tired depressed or a mixture of all these emotions just by looking at you. Everyone has tell tale signs and she is careful to observe each sign for every state of mind. This is what makes her a particularly effective companion. She is a good listener and knows just what to do to lift your spirits.
Beneath her long, fire orange hair is a curious face filled with wonder; her grey eyes always darting around looking for her next conquest. She may be small in stature but she can take a lot in; quite literally at that. The size of your manhood doesn’t matter, she can accommodate large and small dick alike. Her mouth feels like heaven when she gives you head, always driving you to the point of Cumming only to slow the pace down enough for you to relax and work you up to that point again. When she climbs up on top of you and rides you, you will definitely not want her to stop. The warmth of her inner thighs and the softness of her skin combined with the tightness of her vagina are almost maddening. Take Katrina home with you and discover the wonders this shy, sweet girl has to offer; you will not be disappointed.

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