Manufactured by the Chinese company WM Doll, itself the most important sex doll manufacturer in China. The WM Sex Doll line-up is one where high-quality is the main mindset when it comes to production. Coming in different sizes and designs each WM Sex Doll is built on a sturdy but flexible metal skeleton. While their outside is done with TPE or silicone. This unique combination results in a truly flexible and durable sex doll that nonetheless manages to look and feel as soft as possible.

Of course when it comes to a WM Sex Doll there’s a wide variety of features beyond their general high quality. Below will list the main features WM Doll offers in it’s products to guarantee customer satisfaction:

A wide range of heights: Customers can select a WM Sex Doll in a size that best fits them whether it is due to budget considerations or personal preferences. Mini Dolls start at 100cm, but full size dolls can go as high as 173cm. Partial dolls or torso only dolls are also available for those interested.Multitude of designs: Every WM Sex Doll has it’s own style and identity. All dolls came in a variety of styles and themes, ranging from all-time favorites like schoolgirl and porn start to more inventive styles like vampire and other fantastic creatures. As such every WM Sex Doll comes with it’s own unique aesthetic and is truly her own experience.Fully customizable orders: When you order your WM Sex Doll from us you get the option to choose what functional and design features you want to include in your unit. While this starts with the obvious skin tone and hair options it goes beyond that. Users can opt for optional heating parts, or wet love holes for a more accurate experience.

In short if something defines the WM Sex Doll experience that definitely is the high-quality and customizable experience that most other brands and sites can’t reach. Both WM Doll and our store are committed to bringing all of our customers their ideal doll, one that truly fits their interests and desires. So if you are interested in a Sex Doll that is truly your own then order soon and get your ideal partner starting now.