Custom Sex Dolls

SexDollDirect is the best place to custom a sex doll at the cheapest price in the market!


We provide two ways to custom sex dolls:


  1. explore our existing dolls:, and custom hair style, boob size, etc. on the production page
  2. contact us for a head-to-toe fully customised sex doll.


A man has his needs. Sexual needs. Sometimes, these sexual needs cannot be fulfilled by a human being. But with a sex doll, a man can get the sex that he wants. Sex dolls are great companions. They will have sex with you anytime and anywhere. You can also experiment sex with your doll. You can try out a variety of techniques, experiment with equipment and materials, test different kinds of condoms and lubricants, do some role play, try out different sex positions, and others. But of course, to have the greatest time, you have to ensure that you like your sex doll too. Your sex doll must be like thegirl of your dreams so that she can provide the things you want and truly satisfy you. But how can this be? Maybe what you need to do is to customize your sex doll to your liking. You have to get the sex doll that you truly want. Therefore you need to get a custom sex doll.

What are Custom Sex Dolls?

Custom sex dolla are sex dolls that you can customize. With custom sex dolls, not only that you get to choose the type of doll or the base doll, you also get to customize some of her more important attributes. We all know that when you purchase a sex doll, you choose among a catalog of many. You choose the base look of the doll with her basic features, body type, her face and all that. But with custom sex dolls, you get to choose some more of her characteristics. You are not just getting the default doll. You are making her your own. With this you are getting a unique doll based on your actual preferences.

How to Custom Sex Dolls?

When you customize sex dolls, there may be additional charges but with this, you get to have the sex doll that you truly want. Some of the things that you get to customize are the following: hair color and style as you choose among the wig options, eye color, skin color, cup size of her breasts, standing feature if the doll can stand or not, her joints if they can be bended, pubic hair if you want any and how thick, and vagina if removable or built in. These are the basic customizable features of custom sex dolls.

Why Choose Custom Sex Dolls?

You have to choose customize sex dolls if you want your doll to be really unique or if you want her to be exactly the way your dream girl is. With customization, yes, you may have to pay additional cash but you are getting exactly want you want. You don’t have to go through or accept something that you don’t want such as if you want her eyes to be blue but the default doll’s eye color is brown and she is delivered to you that way you just have to accept that but with custom sex dolls, she is who you want her to be and she looks like how you want her to look like.