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Sex Dolls Guideline

Sex dolls have been with us for a very long time. Though not frequently mentioned, they have played a key role in the evolution and history of human sexuality. Today, they are used for a myriad of reasons and are built to mimic human forms and responses as technological advancements continue to happen. The reasons behind their purchases vary from user to user. Some users invest in a sex doll purely due to sexual curiosities. Others use them for emotional support while for some they are a means to a happier monogamous union. Unlike yesteryears, users today have the luxury of customizing various features on their dolls in a bid to create the perfect companion.


The love story between humans and inanimate objects created in the likeness of part or the whole human being is one that dates as far back as the sixteenth century. To keep them from getting lonely, sailors of Spanish and French origins created human-like dolls from pieces of cloth. The popularity of these dolls and their benefits has since grown into a practice that is slowly becoming acceptable in the modern world. Sex dolls are slowly ceasing to be the misnomer in today’s world despite them being frowned upon from a number of religious and cultural stand points.

What Are Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls have been referred to as blow up dolls, love dolls, silicon wives and Dutch wives in the past. These synonyms help to explain the evolution that has occurred in order to arrive at their modern day versions. A sex doll is basically a sexual toy made to embody the likeness and to a larger extent functionality of humans. Some dolls comprise of only parts of the human anatomy with limited functions while others are created to mimic not only the physical human form but the sexual functionality of humans as well. Technological advancements has seen the use of materials such as silicon being introduced to achieve a hyper-realistic form that makes the distinction between human flesh and the manufactured alternative a rather difficult task (Bentley, 2018).

Users of sex dolls today have the advantage of customization. They can select those features that they find most appealing in their sexual partners and come up with the ideal partner. Thanks to technology, manufactures can now satisfy the needs of their clients pertaining to complexion, hair and eye colour, height, body size and shape, as well as interaction and response to stimuli of their dolls (refer to paper, Beyond the sex doll : post-human companionship and the rise of the ‘Allodoll’, by Bentley, 2018). The ability to do so feeds into Ferguson’s narrative of the need for selection and control when it comes to sexual partners. (refer to book “The Sex Doll: A History” by Ferguson, 2010).

In his book, The Sex Doll: A History, Ferguson states that beyond being a sexual outlet, sex dolls to their users are a medium within which they can maintain control within the relationship. In contrast to the complexities of human relationships, those with sex dolls are of a more simplistic and uncomplicated nature.

Types Of Sex Dolls

Variations in the type of dolls available in the market today go far beyond the materials used. Let’s take an in depth dive into the various types of sex dolls shall we?

  1. Realistic Sex Dolls

As the title suggests, these dolls are designed and manufactured to mimic the human form as much as possible. The idea is to replicate the look and feel of the human body. Realistic dolls are made from a combination of materials. Their ‘skin’ is made from silicone. The advantage of this material is that it is soft to the touch and feels much like the human skin. Users of realistic dolls have often commented on the difficulty to distinguish between the silicone skin of the dolls and the actual human skin.

Silicone is also quite malleable. It is popular in the cosmetic surgery industry because it is easy to create realistic moulds to enhance the female form. Seeing that users of sex dolls have varying tastes in the desired physical features of their dolls, the malleability of silicone allows for the designers and manufactures of the dolls to meet client’s desires as best as they can.

Another commonly used material in realistic dolls is thermoplastic rubber. This material is equally as malleable and easy to work with as silicone. The choice to use either of the two is highly dependent on the clients, and, or manufacturer’s preference as well as the desired end result.

With realistic sex dolls, one can select for facial features, breast cup size, the size and shape of the doll’s booty, make up preferences, hair colour, skin colour, the amount of preferred tan, the placement of body parts and so much more. Whatever your version of perfect is, it can easily be achieved using these dolls.

Realistic dolls do not just get their categorization from the mimicking of the human form. Thanks to technological advancements, these dolls come with added features. One such feature is warming technology that allows the skin as well as the vagina of the dolls to feel warm to the touch. This works to enhance the overall experience of the user. Another feature is the incorporation of vibrating vaginas. These give haptic responses when interacted with, improving the user experience.

Realistic sex dolls are the complete package. The offer you features eerily resembling those of humans and allow for oral, anal and vaginal sexual pleasures.

  1. Sex Doll Torso

The difference between torso dolls and realistic dolls is in the physical features. The latter, as earlier mentioned allows you to enjoy the full features of the human anatomy. Torso dolls are usually scaled down to omit the limbs.

These dolls comprise mainly of the head and facial features, breasts, the stomach and naval features, vaginal and anal features. Torso dolls serve an important niche amongst sex doll enthusiasts. While there are those whose fantasies and desires would only require the torso version of the dolls to fulfil, these dolls feed to a more financially oriented niches. They appeal to those that would like to have the thrill of owing, using and relating to a sex doll but do not necessarily have the financial capability to purchase a realistic and often more sophisticated version.

Details included in these dolls will depend largely on the price range as well as the client’s preference. The more the feature the higher the price tags. Some dolls could are manufactured exclusive of the face and thus deny their users the pleasures of oral sex. Others lack limbs entirely while some have arms and thighs.

Another upside to torso dolls is their ease of use. Since they are not full-sized, they are automatically lighter and smaller. This makes moving and positioning them a rather simple task. The lack of limbs also makes the manoeuvrability of the dolls an added advantage.

If you have a fascination with a particular type of sex position, this doll category might just be the right one for you. Apart from variations in the already mentioned features, some of the torso dolls are fashioned in particular sex styles. Do you prefer doggy style more or are you old fashioned and like to keep it simple with missionary? Either way, a quick browse in this category will land you something that is sure to please you.

From a manufacturing perspective, these dolls are cheaper to manufacture as they take up less raw materials.

  1. Mini Sex Dolls

Mini dolls are the sweet spot between having a realistic doll and a torso doll. They have all the features of the realistic doll and like the torso doll, they have the advantage of being cheaper, lighter and easier to use.

This category of dolls often comprises of a regular size head and facial features. They get their name from the reduced size of other features such as the limbs, the torso, the breasts, butt, as well as sexual orifices.

Their small size also makes them easier to ship/transport as well as to store. In this sense, they offer a level of discreteness that may be missing when compared with their realistic and life sized counterparts.

It is also worth to note that the vagina and the anus of these dolls will tend to be smaller than those in realistic or torso dolls. This doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. It is more a matter of preference.

  1. Exotic Sex Dolls

Exotic dolls provide a way in which their owners can travel the globe and enjoy the pleasures of being with partners from different parts of the world without necessarily leaving the comfort of their homes. These dolls while primarily realistic in nature are crafted to resemble the features of females from a particular geographical region. They move beyond simple differences in skin tones and skin colour and work towards the embodiment of physical features of females attributable to their ethnicity.

Amongst the most common exotic dolls are Japanese dolls, Dolls of Latin American origins, dolls of African descent, Chinese dolls, as well as dolls of Nordic decent. Exotic dolls move past ethnicities confined in the earthly realm as we know it. Clients have been known to push the boundaries by requesting exotic dolls of mystical descent such as the Elf Kingdom.

Dolls of the Latin ethnicity are renowned for their big round asses as well as their sizeable yet firm boobs. Japanese as well as Chinese sex dolls are built to embody the seemingly modest and shy nature of women from these cultures. They are often petite in their build. The key difference between Japanese and Chinese dolls is in the depiction of their features. The former are often depicted as having fuller breasts and asses as compared to the latter that are often flat chested with a small rump.

  1. BBW Sex Dolls

It is no hidden fact that big boobs and, or a big ass are desirable characteristics in the perfect female partner. It is, therefore, no surprise that this category of dolls exists. BBW dolls are perhaps the most popular. These category of sex doll often spots double Ds and above in matters boobs and are generally thick in their build. They are the embodiment of the curvy woman.

If you are looking for thick thighs, a fat ass and all round cushion for the pushing, then BBW dolls are best suited for you. They come in a variety of skin and hair colours. So worry not, your fantasies are not to be limited by societal stereotypes.

  1. Male Sex Dolls

The urge to explore one’s sexuality has for a long time been a reserve for the male gender. This is understandable seeing that we live in a primarily patriarchal society. However, the gods of sex and carnal pleasures have finally smiled upon women. Yes folks, there exist sex dolls for women.

Like all other dolls, the male versions come in an array of choices. You can chose the physical form of your ideal partner. Whether you like a physic that looks like it was hand crafted by the hands of the goods or you would much rather the beer belly of your regular Joe, there is a male doll out there for you.

You get to choose from a variety of heights, complexions and endowments. Every woman knows just how much sausage is too much sausage for her. So if you struggle to get the right balance for you and want an upgrade from your vibrator, male sex dolls are the next best thing. These dolls can either be realistic, mini, or torso dolls. They comprise of male facial features, the torso, limbs, a penis, pubic as well as chest hairs, and an anus, depending on the type and model of doll you choose. Some models come with a detachable penis. They are also built to be firmer in comparison to female dolls.

Male sex dolls are, however, not a preserve of the heterosexual female. The inclusion of the mouth and anus on these dolls helps to satisfy the needs of the homosexual male and transgender markets.

  1. Anime Sex Dolls

Anime dolls not only resemble the human female form, the style and design of their build borrows heavily from the Japanese animation style, anime. As this style of animation grows popular, there is growing popularity of hentai and consequently of anime styled sex dolls.

The dolls usually boast of the perfect hourglass figure, big breasts, petit waist and wide hips. The fashion of these dolls is in tandem with the costume styling of the various anime characters. Another key characteristic of anime dolls is their big googly eyes that gives an air of innocence to them.

  1. Next Generation Dolls

The popularity of sex dolls and the different roles and they play in today’s society cannot be denied. Manufactures of the dolls are listening to their client’s need for interaction with their dolls and achieve more intimate relationships. As such, the industry is seeing the employment of AI technology to achieve dolls that are not only realistic in the way they look, but in the way they act and respond to touch and everyday scenarios.

Next generation dolls are fitted with programmed responses to a number of scenarios. They are capable of reacting to a number of stimuli and carry out conversations. Pilots of dolls that have vaginas that simulate the muscular contractions of the real deal to heighten the experience. There’s more, this doll even have the ability to be wet!

Models such as Emma have used AI to enable them to not only hold conversations but also conjure up facial expressions. It gets better, thanks to AI technology and machine learning, new generation dolls have a ‘memory’. This allows them to learn the things that make their owners happy as well as any them making it easier for them to become the perfect companion. Some models complete the experience with the ability to orgasm. Key industry players are now toying with the idea of making the dolls able to walk as well as mimic breathing motions.

Buyer Guideline: What You Need To Know

Buying a sex doll can be a rather confusing task and understandably so. There are so many players and retailers in the market today, it can be difficult getting a trust worthy and reputable source Given the longevity behind such a purchase, it is important that one considers all factors before spending your hard earned cash on a purchase you will live to regret.

The first thing you need to do is understand what you are looking for in your doll. A clear understanding of your expectations will make it easier to customize your purchase to the ideal partner. Customization of a doll takes both time and money so don’t be in a rush when making your decision.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you ideal model should look like, it is time to shop around. The online space is filled with sellers of all types of sex dolls. It is important that you do some homework to avoid falling prey to scammers.

Before committing to a purchase, check to see if the dealers of the dolls are listed as authorized dealers by the manufacturers. Scammers will often make use of images from the manufacturer to sell you substandard products. Simply getting in touch with the manufacturer to get a list of the authorized vendors can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Another tell sign for scammers is the lack of brand inclusivity as well as ridiculously low prices. If you are dealing in legitimate, high quality items with permission from the manufacturers, wouldn’t you want your store to be associated with the brand? If the cost is too sweet a deal then you are probably getting played. Shop around, starting with the manufacturer’s page to compare prices. If the price offered is still much better than what wholesalers are getting then walk away from that purchase.

Lastly check for details provided by the vendor about the doll. Who is the manufacturer? What materials have been used to make the doll? What is inclusive in the package? How long is the guarantee? A longer guarantee is an indication of high quality.

Now that that is out of the way, it is time to consider internal factors such as budget, size of the doll, as well as storage issues. The budget will determine the material, features as well as size of the doll.

Mini dolls can offer you almost all features of a life-sized doll at a lower price. TPE dolls will offer you a wide range of features and tend to be cheaper than their silicone counterparts. The type of features that you want in your doll will also determine the cost of the doll. Features such as heating and the ability to hold conversations will push the price high by a considerable amount. Mini dolls and torso dolls are easier to store than realistic dolls due to their size. So if storage space is a limitation for you, you might want to consider these as an option.

How Do I Find My Ideal Doll

Our website is designed to make your search as easy as possible. Simply log into the site (register a user profile if you already haven’t) and go to the Find Your Doll page and select your doll by both size and material from our wide selection. Once you find something you like, feel free to add specifications of eye colour, skin colour, shoulder, vagina, pubes, breast size as well as nipple colour if you would like them to be different from the defaults suggested. Once you are satisfied, click the ‘add to cart’ button and there after the checkout button. Simply add the your details to ensure we send your doll to the right address and proceed to PayPal to make your payment.

Should you not find any that matches your desired taste, worry not. Simply head over to the Contact Us page and let us know what your specifications are. Our sales representatives will guide you through the customization process and update you on the likely time of delivery.

Feel free to let us know of your experience with our dolls in the review section found at the bottom of each model’s description box.

How To Use A Sex Doll

Sex dolls are meant for sexual pleasures. Having sex with a sex dolls in many ways is similar to having sex with an actual woman. In case this is your first rodeo, here is a simple guide to help you make the most of your experience.

First thing is first, you need to put your lovely little missy together before you can enjoy the pleasures that come with your purchase. It is important that you unpack her and assemble her the right way. It’s advisable to use a sharp object to cut the box open. However, do this with caution avoiding any damage to the actual merchandise. The aim is to open the package not to butcher it.

Once your box is open, it is important that you take stock of the items within the box to ensure you don’t miss any add-ons that might come with the box. Use the same sharp object to get the foam off your new found treasure.

Depending on the model you ordered, there are some parts that need assembling. First you will want to attach the head to the rest of the body. Check if the parts of your doll such as the vagina are detachable. If so, then it makes sense to ensure they are assembled in the right place. Other preparations for the magical moment include dressing your doll. For that, let your imagination run wild.

Now comes to the moment you have been waiting for. Before you get down and dirty, and especially if you are new to this, you will need the assistance of a lubricant. A water based one is your best choice here as it makes less of a mess. It goes without mentioning that the lube should go on the opening of choice that you wish to indulge in. The rest shouldn’t be rocket science even for newbies. To derive the most out of your experience with your doll, position it in the desired position and enjoy. Thanks to the silicone or TPE used in the manufacturing of the dolls, they will feel real and you can enjoy the pleasure of squeezing their boobs and butts. Kissing a doll is quite similar to kissing an actual girl. Place your lips on hers and if you are feeling rather French, feel free to stick your tongue in there. The mouths are designed to be moveable and stimulate the actual experience of making out.

Remember, these dolls can provide more than just sex. If it is companionship that you seek, feel free to dress and style your doll as you see fit and enjoy conversations and date nights.

Taking Care Of A Sex Doll

In the same way that you wouldn’t want to hook up with someone with questionable hygiene, you do not want to be having sex with a dirty doll. Not only is it gross but it’s an actual health hazard. Since you are using lube not to mention your own bodily fluids on the doll, it eventually gets wet, pun intended. If not cleaned properly the accumulation of moisture can host a colony of bacteria putting you at risk of a nasty infection the next time the two of you have any relations.

If yours is a realistic or torso model that comes with a head, you will want to detach the head from the rest of the doll before cleaning it. This allows you to thoroughly clean the neck as well. Remove the wig as well before washing the head. Be sure to brush the wig and treat it to a layer of hair sheen to keep it looking classy and worthy of your doll.

The vagina, anus and mouth are of high importance in your doll and must be cleaned right after your sexual encounters. To do this you can employ a number of tools. Vaginal irrigators and squirting bottles function almost in the same way. For irrigators, the water is filled in the bulb by pressing it while in the soapy water mixture to expel all air then later releasing it while still in the water mixture allowing for the air to be replaced by the soapy water. For the bottles, simply pour soapy water in. For both the irrigator and the squirting bottle, insert the nozzles into the orifice that you are cleaning and squeeze. The idea is to get water in there at a high pressure. If neither of these are at your disposal, you can use an adjustable shower head to achieve the same end result.

Sponges are a great way to clean the rest of the doll. In the same way that they are gentle on your skin, they are useful in ensuring that the doll’s ‘skin’ is clean without damaging it.

One key thing to remember though, regardless of the cleaning method that you pick, the water used should be warm at best as some dolls do not do well with heat. Secondly you need to ensure that the soap and, or, any other cleaning agent used is silicone or TPE friendly.

Lastly, when drying your doll, ensure that the material used is non-abrasive to keep from scuffing the doll or causing any further potential damage. When it comes to drying out the vagina, anus, and or mouth, use a dry sponge or towel. Wrap it on a thin tube or a skewer and insert it back and forth into the orifice to a point where you are satisfied that you have gotten all the moisture out. It is important that you let it air dry for a while before storing it.

Top Sex Doll Sellers For You

As earlier mentioned, there exists a whole range of dolls to choose from. This abundance of choice may make the actual selection difficult. To ease your struggle in that regard, here are our top 5 pics for you to consider.

Full Sized Realistic Heating & Intelligent Silicone Sex Dolls – Natalia 140cm

Natalia is a beautiful, realistic, next generation doll that stands at a height of 140 cm. She is well endowed and boasts of a D cup, a petite waist and hips and an ass to drive any man wild. Her tanned skin is soft to the touch. She is capable of oral, vaginal as well as anal sex. To add to the authenticity of your experience, she comes fitted with heating capabilities. This means that her vagina will be warm and welcoming ready to draw you in. What’s more, she comes with a care package that includes lubrication, a wig, hair brush, a heating rod, nail glue, talcum powder, condoms, a blanket, vagina cleaner, lipstick, underwear and discoloration cream.

Best Seller Silicone Sex Doll Japanese Real Love Doll – Mari 100cm

Mari is an exotic Japanese doll. This babe allows you to experience and explore intercultural romance to your heart’s desire. Standing at 100cm in height, this silicone beauty has soft facial features that are a site to behold. Her big round eyes work to accentuate her innocent look. Her round perky breasts are soft to the touch and are squeezable. Her petite body and flexible joints make it easy for you to work her into desired positions and have your way with her. Ready for oral, vaginal or anal expeditions, Mari is your ultimate play mate.

Sexy Uniform for realistic sex dolls – Student Attire

This lovely lady is ready to be schooled in the art of love making. This sexy student is the complete package. She has long, thick dark hair framing her long face. Her nerdy glasses add to that sexy yet smart girl appeal. She definitely pushes the boundaries with the look. Her sheer top give you a sneak peek at her luscious, perky breasts that are just begging you to play with them. Her short skater skirt reveals just enough of her round ass to keep you interested in her. This young lady is ready to be explore whether orally, through the vagina or the anus. Her striking red lips are begging you to get her.

Sexy nurse suit lure sexy lingerie uniform for Realistic sex doll – nurse suit

Are you suffering from a broken heart? Is it difficult to get that one person that just gets you? Well worry not. This sexy looking nurse is here to make all your pains and frustration go away. This lovely brunet has that tall, slender frame that can make a Victoria secrets model jealous. Her warm welcoming face will draw you in for that tender kiss that you have been longing for while her flexible arms wrap around you to give you that warm embrace. Allow her to part her long legs and wrap them around your waist as you make your way deeper and deeper into her soft warm vagina. Feel free to squeeze her well curved behind as the passion mounts. When it’s all said and done, her soft breasts make for a wonderful place to lay your head as you cuddle.

New Design Mini Sex Doll Flat Chest Sex Dolls – Little 100cm

Meet Mimi. Standing at 100cm tall, this little doll is quite the treat. Her size makes her the perfect partner to move around with a she can be easily stored and transported. No matter where the tides of life take you, you will always have this hot little number to keep you company. She boasts of a flat chest but worry not, she more than makes up for this with her tight vagina, anus, as well as mouth. She may be small in stature but she can definitely take the heat.

The Sex Doll Lovers

The world today is a rather competitive one. Everyone is rushing to make their ends meet as they endeavour to make something meaningful out of their lives and leave behind a legacy by which they can be remembered. It is no wonder that more and more people are turning to a sex doll for companionship and emotional support. David Levy in his book Love and Sex With Robots predicts a future where the institution of marriage recognizes unions between humans and sex dolls/ sex robots is societally acceptable (refer to book Love and Sex With Robots, by Levy, 2007).

Sex dolls come with a wide range of benefits and users of these dolls, like users of any other product are looking to make the most out of these benefits. Buyers or users of sex dolls can generally be grouped into the following categories:

  1. Sexual Exploration

Buyers falling under this category are in it for the sexual pleasure. Sex dolls allow you to live out your sexual fantasies with little to no limitations. The fact that one is able to customize a sex doll to their desired look and feel only adds to their appeal for this category of buyers.

Aside from living out fantasies, some buyers in this category use sex dolls for practice runs. If you are particularly shy about your performance in the sack then these dolls give you a solution. By using a sex doll you have the chance to gain a mastery in the art of sex before trying it with a girl. Some therapists are recommending their use as a means to overcome the anxiety and the general awkwardness that comes with doing it for the first time.

Interestingly enough, sex dolls are not a preserve of single, lonely people. Couples enjoy the benefits of owning one too. Yes, couples buy sex dolls. For this group of users, the idea is to spice things up in the bedroom.

After several years of being in a monogamous relationship, things tend to plateau. The bedroom is one the areas that is most affected by this period of plateau. In order to spice things up and fulfil each other’s fantasies, couples are now turning to the gift that is a sex doll.

The idea here is to allow for sexual exploration within the confines of the marital institution. This way, they get to avoid the messiness that comes with human entanglements outside the marriage. The icing on this cake is that the freaky, kinkier sides of their partners remains a treat for their eyes only. Now if that won’t spice up a union for considerable amount of time in the foreseeable future then there are deeper issues involved here (Denham, 2015).

  1. Emotional Support

Widows and widowers have been known to purchase dolls to act as emotional support as they grieve their lost partners. Sounds creepy and sad but if you examine this closer, it is actually quite reasonable. Such users seek the emotional comfort that comes with the presence of someone else in the house when you return from a hard day of work without the complications and complexities that come with dealing with the emotions and expectations of another human being.

Individuals who find it rather difficult to relate to others and are generally considered socially awkward have also been known to turn to sex dolls for emotional support and general companionship. Technological evolutions are allowing us to manufacture dolls that are capable of conversations. This transforms them from being just sex toys into being actual companions. In light of this, some researchers argue that the dolls could in fact aid those suffering from loneliness and other social anxieties overcome their sufferings and attain general mental well-being (refer to paper, The Attitudes of Therapists and Physicians on the Use of Sex Robots in Sexual Therapy: Online Survey and Interview Study, Christiane Eichenberg, 2019) .

We have clients world widely from all walks of life, all races and creeds all with very different reasons for purchasing our sex dolls. Long gone is the notion that sex dolls are a reserve for the downcast, socially awkward and perverts in the society. The notion of using our products is fast growing and gaining acceptance in different communities. You have sex dolls being used for sexual exploits by single people who are looking for a thrilling sexual adventure without the emotional attachment and the guilt that often results from a one night stand; people looking to broaden their horizons in the bedroom without facing judgment or being relegated to the social outcast club by other members of their society or even their family. Married couples or couples with long standing relationships can derive a great deal of satisfaction from our products. When things in the bedroom get a bit dull which they most certainly do with time, couples need to find ways to reignite the fire and passion between them or risk infidelity from one spouse or both as they seek sexual satisfaction. Sex dolls are proving to be an effective way of doing so. They can include a sex doll in their sexual exploits; be it a threesome or any other wild adventure they embark on; to mix things up a little. Our silicone sex dolls offer you the benefits of unleashing your kinky side all the while maintaining whatever picture you have painted of yourself in the eyes of society. After all who are the dolls going to tell anyway? Some of our clients have purchased the dolls purely for companionship’s sake. They find them to be exceptionally good listeners as they do not interrupt, talk back, bear any judgment or grudges. The comforting notion that someone else is in the room with you and you do not have to be alone is the key motivation for such clients.

Why Choose SexDollDirect?

We simply aim to please! Yes, you have heard that line before. The difference is we aim to create Personalised Sex Dolls that help meet your truest, most hidden needs. With the help of qualified designers and craftsmen, no request is unattainable. Our life-like dolls are made to not only meet your hearts desires but the highest standards within the industry.

What are you in the mood for? We guarantee you that you will find a sex doll to suit your needs. We have a number of dolls varying in age size, shape and sex. You are more likely to be spoilt for choice at our online doll store than on any other site. Our dolls are designed to be as realistic as possible. Their movements are almost life and their physic is also built to mimic that of any human being. The thrill and excitement you will get from our sex dolls will have you curious and leave you wanting for more.

We understand the need for privacy that comes with the request and purchase of a sex doll. It is for this reason that we ensure discrete delivery in packages that are sure not to draw unwarranted attention to your personal life.

Our dolls are the best quality silicone sex dolls in the market. They have realistic movements with their bodies bobbing and jiggling in response to your every movement. You truly will not know the difference between our life sized dolls and any other person out there. They have a metal skeleton that supports and holds into place their bodies. This metal framework also allows them to be extremely flexible. Those tight spaces you have always wanted to work into your sexual escapades but never really met someone flexible enough or daring enough to try them with are now a thing of past. Their skin is designed and formulated to be as realistic to the touch as possible. It is smooth, soft and free of any blemishes making the perfect dolls. Our dolls came in different shapes and sizes. You can get curvaceous dolls as well as more petite ones. If you fancy a doll with a super big burst, a big enough bust, moderate or small bust, we have you covered. You can get dolls of different heights as well. There really is no limit to type of sex dolls we have in stock. Better still, they come in different sexes so that no one is left out of the equation.

Our customer service team is dedicated around the clock to answer any of your questions and deal with any issues that may arise with our products.

Lastly we offer you unique products at competitive prices. No need to sell a kidney or any other vital organ in order to enjoy your guilty pleasures.


The topic of sex dolls has been a controversial one in society from time in memorial. However, sex dolls have played an integral part in shaping human sexuality and continues to cause disruptions in this field. Different people buy and relate to a sex doll in different ways. Some seek emotional support and companionship while others are in it simply for the sexual exploits. Whatever the reason, there is something for everyone in this market. Manufactures keep innovating to allow users customize their dolls to their hearts desires. Today you will find realistic, life-sized dolls, mini dolls, torsos, anime dolls, exotic dolls, as well as next generation dolls that make use of AI for the purpose of enhancing an authentic experience while interacting with one’s doll.

Just like humans, sex dolls need to be cared for to ensure their longevity. Cleaning your doll in the right way is of high importance not just for the doll’s well-being but for your health as well. Remember to use non-abrasive and non-corrosive materials as well as cold or warm water when cleaning.

We understand that selecting a doll might be a hard and confusing task. To make your work easier, we have compiled 5 of the best picks for your consideration.

The great thing about us is that we deliver. We offer shipping services to one hundred and eighty countries around the world. For any orders you receive absolutely free shipping of your package. We guarantee the delivery of your orders in the stipulated time. With us the safety of your shopping details is guaranteed. Enough about us feel free to explore our site and find out the wonders that await you. Happy shopping everyone and do remember to tell a friend to tell a friend!